Verasity: Video Content and Blockchain Technology Together


Verasity: Video Content and Blockchain Technology Together

Verasity brings together the video broadcasting industry with VERA’s digital monetary system. The crypto created with the Blockchain subroutine brings the security of shopping to video producers, advertisers, and sponsors. The platform was built with publishers and advertisers focused on eliminating the bottlenecks experienced by traditional video servers. Thanks to a much more efficient and much stronger infrastructure, it succeeded in becoming an alternative to those related to this sector.
The Verasity ecosystem is in direct interaction with publishers, viewers and platform authorities. The content management system allows publishers to make edits on their videos and get detailed information about their viewers. Demographic results, trace analysis, device and path analysis, etc. a lot of information can produce more effective, more trackable and interesting content.

Blockchain Technology VeraPay

All transactions in the platform are made with the VeraPay system and its currency VERA. VERA works just like other Blockchain technology crypto-money, but it has also introduced an innovation in the process approval. Blockchain crypto operations are done by algorithms in machines of people called minors. At VeraPay, this process makes verifiers known as Verafiers. Verafiers only works for VERA and confirms transactions very quickly. Also, there is no need to wait until approval is obtained with Lightning Network technology. Copies are updated every second and the security of the transactions is provided by Verasity.
Publishers can transfer their earnings to VeraPay wallets, which they get from the videos, as well as transfer them to another wallet. The logic for advertising publishers is reversed in the same way. Advertisers convert their advertising costs to VERA units and maintain their balance at VeraPay.

Only Interaction Payments

Payments for publishers as well as for advertisers are based on the number of interactions. Revenue from video publishers gets through interaction with ads on their videos. Advertisers pay only if their ads are clicked on. This is a fair payment and a suitable payment mentality for everyone.
Viewers pay for specific content they watch on video producers. The quality of the platform is increased by the contents that can only be found in Verasity. Viewers pay for the content they watch and use VERA for it.

Secure and Fast CDN

The CDN is a technology that improves the performance of interaction by serving a content to the user closest to the user. Verasity also has this system. The videos are transmitted to the user through the server closest to him. Thus, the opening speed of the videos is increased.


Meets Modern Requirements
The video player must be able to meet all common needs and be adhered to the latest technologies in order to avoid any problems playing the videos.

Verasity’s player is in the HTML5 code base and HTML5 is the whole PC; the mobile device can be used on smart TVs. It is also manufactured to work with every screen size.
• Player base in HTML5 technology
• Compatible with Vast 3 technology and VPAID technology
• Google IMA SDK can work when there is no flat. High-speed monitoring in both cases.
• Lightweight built-in player size for seamless access from all mobile browsers
• Fully adjustable, size changeable design
• The API resource is open to anyone and can be used by developers
• 60 frames per second and 1080p supporting power
• Instant synchronization with Vera Wallet and one-touch access.


Theoretical Answers, Practical Solutions

The Verasity infrastructure, created by listing the biggest problems for video publishers and resolving this problem list individually, offers tomorrow’s technology. There are digital funds in the future of paid monitoring platforms. It is not hard to foresee that Blockchain’s work will begin to settle in every household, every household, five years from now.
Verasity users are on a transparent platform and are notified before every transaction. They can make money while watching a content, as well as pay money. In this respect, it is suitable for both consumers and those who want to make money by watching videos. Accumulated VERA’s can be withdrawn instantly from the wallet and converted into cash.

A Platform Protected by Community Guidelines

Every platform has to respect the rules of the community. These rules are imperative not to violate the laws of the states, to protect universal moral values, nor to negatively affect people.
Content producers are not allowed to include violence, sexuality and blood images in their videos. Also, it is not allowed to attack the rights of individuals to humiliate a group, a culture or a group of hate crimes by any means. There is a big difference between critical discourse and insult. Verasity does not prevent criticism by any party, including its own, but it is strictly against it.
The same rules apply to Verasity advertisers and sponsors.R Each user can only publish his / her own content. Content creators can not upload videos from another platform to Verasity. Copyright protection is at the beginning of all the rules.


How to Buy and Sell VERA

Verasity members can use any bank or credit card to add funds to Vera Wallets. Payments can be withdrawn later by converting them as if they were in other crypto parcels. With Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is also possible to load balances into the VeraPay account.
It is enough to log in to your VeraPay account in order to be able to earn the profit on the platform with a small commission. You can make the shooting process as Bitcoin, but those who use Ethereum can shoot with ETC.
Verasity is the safest and technological video sharing network of today with the practice and innovations. Intelligent solutions and the use of technology until the end of each user will be satisfied with the type of transparent and streamlined system. Becoming a member is very simple. Content creators can visit the Verasity website to increase their revenue and get involved in the platform of the future. With the Blockchain algorithm, an innovative look and a transparent business policy, everyone will embrace you.

We recommend that you do not miss the project, which is on sale until 11th of July if you do research and make a purchase decision. As in the project whitepaper, the token sales price is increasing by 1% every day. You can visit the website and examine the whitepaper to review the project that has passed the soft cap target.


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