Verasity: Blockchain Online Video Platform


Verasity: Blockchain Online Video Platform

The biggest revolution after the Internet, Blockchain is now available for video sharing. Verasity promises video content producers a fast, high-paying and secure platform thanks to this revolutionary technology. The biggest problem that can not be resolved in the days when video resolutions reach 4k and even 8k are spoken is to safely accommodate these sizes on the servers and present them at the appropriate speed for the viewer. Videos presented with classical methods consume high data and cause problems for viewers. In the same way, there are distribution, advertising and sponsorship problems for video producers. All of this has been radically resolved with an innovative perspective. From today’s applications, Youtube offers a high-quality service with classical internet and server services and is used by millions of people every day. Verasity plans to move it to another stage and do it using the Blockchain network structure, which is a very recent development for the internet world. You can imagine how good the idea is when considering the many advantages that Blockchain networks have.

High Resolutions in Lower Gigabytes

The blockchain system is used for lossless reduction in the size of large videos to be measured with verasity and gigabytes. The data processed as a code is presented to the audience through a code analysis. The receiving device that has the characteristics of this network starts to play the media content by converting these codes back to the data. Unlike known video formats, Verasity can compress to a much smaller size. In addition, the security of this video is guaranteed by the established platform.
Content producers receive the revenue they receive when they upload their videos to Verasity as crypt money. A crypto payment system is also available for institutions and individuals who will advertise or sponsor platforms. Thus, transactions are completed much more securely and quickly.
Viewers can access Verasity from any browser without installing any plugins. A 3-year study was conducted to ensure that video players meet all modern requirements.

Video player features include:
• HTML5 player
• Vast3 and VPAID support
• Directly connected with Vera wallet
• Accessed through Google’s IMA infrastructure and “without” use.
• Compatible with all screen sizes and mobile devices.
• It can be fully customized and the API code is open.
• Ready for 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution.
Additional features include CDN and near the server. Thanks to CDN, broadcasts are broadcast to the nearest server to the viewers, ensuring that the monitor is fast and uninterrupted. The Verasity player meets all modern needs and everyone is open.


Link Between Producer, Audience, Advertiser, and Sponsor

In today’s widespread video platforms, there are different “intermediaries” between content creator, advertiser publisher, and sponsor. The profit they will earn is therefore reduced and shared by others. However, advertisers and sponsors in Verasity may interact directly with the video producer. In addition, the advertiser can directly obtain audience demands, what they are looking for, and interactivity rates, rather than just “offers”. Advertisers on this page are not misled by exaggerated figures. With an honest and transparent advertising policy, you can present your ads correctly in the right people.

Fast and Smart Payment with VeraPay

VeraPay is a virtual purse that you can hold your digital money. Security and transactional activities are provided by Verasity. VERA makes it easy to purchase and use VERA. Audiences, publishers, advertisers, and sponsors can all use VERA.


Pay-Per-View and Earnings

Advertisers in Verasity pay fees based on the number of views. There is no need to pay a basic fee to advertise. Content creators also get their revenue by display count. Payments are confirmed in a similar manner to the miners in the Blockchain system. Verifiers codenamed payment chains and approved transactions. Verifiers will receive a commission payment for these transactions as it is in Blockchain.
Smart contracts ensure that purchases in the Verasity ecosystem continue regularly. Revocation of transactions, provision of services for payments and all other bilateral, trilateral agreements are finalized with Verasity contracts. Neither party is allowed to live in victimization.

Content Management System

Verasity provides a Content Management System, or CMS, for video publishers, where they can control their videos and edit their information. CMS is designed with smart categories and simple. All needs can be reached with a few clicks. The graphical screen for multiple follow-ups is included in the statistics screen. A separate tracking system has been introduced for each video.

Community Guidelines

It is strictly forbidden to host content in the Verasity, which is a criminal element of the internet, that will adversely affect children at an early age and contrary to universal human ethics. All users must agree to the terms and conditions of participation in the site. Content that is contrary to Community rules, advertisers or sponsors are notified by the platform and their content is restricted. In case of repetition, the publisher can be permanently removed from the platform.

Rules for Using VeraPay

Publishers may only publish their own or “royalty free” content on Verasity. In order to be able to receive payment via VeraPay,

video usage rights must be registered.

• Your published content must be copyrighted by the publisher or freely available for use.
• Content containing hate crime, violence, and psychological attack cannot be published on the platform.
• A group, religion, country, culture, political thought; content that humiliates any community cannot be part of the platform.
• Insulting publications about a person are not allowed.
• Attacking personal rights of person or persons, personal information, use of personal life in contents are totally prohibited.
• Adult conten

t must be uploaded to the “adult” category.


Tools to Make Verasity Easier to Use

Analysis Tool
There is an analysis tool that allows content producers to instantly track their interactions with their viewers. With this tool, viewers’ demographics, monitoring time and habits can be reached. It is also a preliminary step for you to follow the audience closely and get to know them and to produce new content that will attract attention.

Social Media Interaction Tool
The Verasity Social Media Interaction Tool can be used to easily publish and easily measure the interaction from the social media.


tions and Devices

Verasity is designed to work on all mobile devices. It develops applications for Android, iOS, PlayStation, Roku and other similar operating systems for effective use on these platforms.

The Verasity platform definitely won the title as a project that excited me from the moment I first

 started reading. I think there is nothing to prevent the success of the project, which is very beautiful in terms of ideas and practice. The platform received good ratings from many ICO rating agencies.

The platform that will sell 50% of the produced tokens will prevent the receivers from being affected negatively by burning the unsold tokens. The token sales advantages that started on May 21 are decreasing. The sooner you join, the more advantageous you will be in the sales process. On July 11, there is a KYC (Know Your Customer) process condition for the ICO to complete the sales process. In other words, the token is required for people to buy into an authentication process. The platform that accepts BTC and ETH as payment has exceeded the SoftCap target and is now ready to go. Approximately 2.5 billion tokens were sold on the platform, which offered 12 billion 491 million 500 thousand tokens.

If the token sale does not reach the “hard cap” number, it will end on 11th July and all tokens that are not sold will be burned and the number of final tokens will be revealed. The purchased tokens will be delivered 2 weeks after the delivery process ends.

As I mentioned above, the project has a high chance of success and well designed. As the SoftCap target, which is not determined to be very high, is already captured, you will not have a problem such as returning investments and waste of time. I would suggest that you examine the project closely and make your decision before it’s too late.


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