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Blockchain has made such an entry that my life still uses crypto money as an objection, but the projects that will improve and improve human life every day are trying to pass on the dream. Some of them start selling ICO (Initial Coin Offering) tokens and others are financing companies and even governments that invest. ICO processes sometimes result in incredible success. But it does not exist in projects that do not progress with sadness. In particular, the ICO restriction that the US is implementing poses a problem for the project. It can not get support from the United States and investors from financial power projects, primarily in cryptocurrency of heaven Far East countries and Turkey is looking for funds in several countries, including. It is not so easy to succeed in this process, which has vital for project development. The presentation of the projects is really important.

With this article, we would like to introduce to you the most enjoyable project that maybe wants to create crypto money financing for the project. About one-third of human life goes to sleep. And sometimes sleeping is such a luxury that there are times when we are sleeping on the side of a chair, on a bench, on a chair, even on foot. This is the project we are going to talk about in this article. Sometimes there may be annoying delays in the airports, or we may have gone early because of your time, but there is nothing else to do. If you are looking for a specific area to sleep or to sleep, then I have to introduce you to our new project! airpod! Technology offers a new comfort item every day in every area of life. For example, the speed sticker we have used for years in our cars, which is common to you today. Very simple but life-saving development. I think Airpod will cover this. I was very excited when I read the project, and I said if I could just take it to the airports and go and see it. Certainly, there is a potential for people in the near future. You may have to wait for the plane to make a delay. 

The Airpod project will allow you to spend a leisure time in a private area where you can comfortably spend your free time or relax in the increasingly important areas of community life such as the project, the airport, the station, the bus station, offices and shopping centers. The project, which promises many features, will also include options such as internet, TV, monitor, air conditioner, ambient sound reduction, dimmed glass, light tuning. Many social areas will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of relaxing in a quiet environment, reading books, connecting to the internet or watching movies in just a few moments. The Airpod capsule only covers an area of 5.22 square meters). Includes free Wi-Fi, Free Amazon Fire TV, Power socket, Work desk, luggage and personal storage, air conditioning, alarm, flight information display, comfortable seat and led system. Depending on the success of the project and its partnerships, the project can offer incredible services in the future. For example, partnerships with projects such as Netflix and Spotify can be very enjoyable.

For the development of these capsules, Mineko Pharma & Engineering CO. (Mineko Ecza & Engineering Co. Ltd.) started the ICO process. In the post-ICO period, capsules expected to be used in all international airports will be placed in public spaces. It is not hard to imagine that such a project will not be limited to those who think. The firm will sell airpods to investors in the second phase, allowing them to use them to profit in certain locations. At the last stage, they will be working to create their own economy as a continuation of the product development process. Mineko also supports research and development processes by contracting with many technical and engineering companies for this project.

Airpod was a nice project at first glance, and as we searched we saw that the project was very enjoyable. We continue to read and research about the project. As the information arrives, we will continue to update this post, and we will keep you informed of new posts. For now, let’s look at the ICO process, which is an important step in the content of our project content.

He chose to make use of the advantages of Blockchain technology funding and technology because he thought the Airpod platform project worldwide and in the first stage kept all international airports at the target. We think Airpod token users are a very good option when using capsules to avoid payment difficulties and damage from exchange rate differences. Renting can be paid in airpod token anywhere in the world, which will provide transparency. The base target for the platform project (SoftCap) was set at 2.7 Million USD, and the target of the ceiling to be collected (HardCap) was set at 20 Million USD.

Token Symbol: APOD
Token Type: ERC-20

SoftCap Target: $ 2,700,000
HardCap Goal: $ 20,000,000
Total Token Supply: 250,000,000 pieces
Number of tokens to be delivered: 200,000,000 (80% of Total Supply)

We recommend that you follow APOD sales, which will start selling in April. Investment is your decision, but the project is a strong investment in cryptography and we do not think anyone will regret it. Details are not yet shared on which date the sale will end, and this information is expected to clear up in the coming days.


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