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The crypto relies on the idea of the birth of money even before Bitcoin. Although not entirely cryptographic projects, a few minor interventions have failed. Bitcoin has revolutionized this process with blockchain technology, which will affect the world in a fundamental way. Bitcoin has a mission in his field and anyone who steps into the crypto money world knows Bitcoin first. For this reason, there is also a market maker that represents the whole market on its own. Here, the value of other crypto dollars (altcoin) to be explained at this point depends on both the work of their own projects and the price of Bitcoin. Although a few sites that serve in our country are able to buy and sell directly for Turkish Lira and many subcodes, the main sales of these subcodes are in the form of BTC / USD and they are priced on the market in this way. The Turkish lira-based valuation also occurs with the BTC / USD pricing of major markets on the market. Of course, there is a second truth about this business in terms of the market, and I have to say it when it comes to location: Ethereum! In addition to what you wrote above, it would be useful, to tell the truth about Ethereum (ETH) on the market. In addition to being a crypto money on their own, Ethereum allows them to create a blockchain-based system by providing a base for newly formed projects in the gigantic network. This put Ethereum in a different structure. Of course, every front will come from behind. Similar projects such as NEO and ADA were included in the system. But no one is already an Ethereum. Today, almost all of the new projects are taking shelter in Ethereum’s safe harbor until it is fully integrated into the system and collects sufficient funds. This makes the Ethereum network valuable and powerful. The first project I want to introduce to you today is “European Crypto Bank”. As I mentioned, from those who tried to enter the market with Ethereum in them.

As we mentioned in the opening text of our site, to give useful information to you about our aim crypto money. New projects continue to come on day after day. Now that the crypto money, which started to interfere in every area of human life, was the basic payment tool as it is known to be the exit idea. But blockchain brought this simple payment tool idea to another location. Cryptic money has been spoken in almost every country in the world. When the idea of a payment instrument was introduced, it was natural that the banking sector first came to mind. In a lot of theories in the near future, the paper currency is talking about the closing of the transfer. This is already happening in part. The concepts of debit cards, credit cards, and internet banking that are in my life are decreasing the use of physical money day by day. Crypto may be about to take this development a step forward. This is where the banking sector looks at crypto money.

The European Crypto Bank (ECB) platform is preparing to take a step in this regard by using the name of the bank. Although the name is a bank, they are actually trying to bring a new trading platform to the new level. The European Crypto Bank platform will serve in London as headquarters. In addition to that, offices in Paris and Milan will support the platform in different areas. Using the basic and objective USD and Euro, to create safe and banking-like activity in the European region, first of all, without buying restrictions like KYC, allowing an exchange of crypto money. The biggest question mark of crypto money nowadays in our country is about money laundering and tax. At this point, the European Crypto Bank is flexible enough to intercept the concept of decentralization of cryptography. In the project, they communicate that platform users intend to act in accordance with tax laws in their own countries.


The platform will be integrated, artificial intelligence products will provide training for newcomers, will help in their own language and will reduce the risks that the market brings for new entrants to a certain extent.

The Cobalt project, also known by the French government and the special Europlace organization, is the biggest trump card of the ECB. Cobalt will collect data with its customer diagnostic application, which will bring the ECB to fight against money laundering. By the end of 2019, Cobalt is expected to get enough data from this area.
The system will derive revenue from transactions on the platform from commissions, asset management, commissions to be received from tax reporting, leverage fees, artificial intelligence consulting revenues and licenses. The number of new customers targeted for the ECB by the end of 2019 is around 16,000.
The ECB has financed itself to the present day since it was born with the merging of several already functioning companies. However, at the moment (2018, March) there is an aim of fund collection and growth with an ICO (Initial Coin Offer). Many new projects are raising funds with ICO and trying to make a strong entry into the market.


The ECB aims to raise € 5 million to 200 million euros for token sales. A total of approximately 345 million tokens will be sold (the total number of tokens is approximately 677 million, some of which are reserved for the company, worn-out and award campaigns). Due to some legal regulations, the sales volume was determined to be all countries except the United States. BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP, DASH, BCC, and USD can be paid for the ERC-20 based token. The deadline for ICO sales is May 1, 2018. An increasingly priced token has the advantage of early purchase for sales phases. For the final token to be sold at a price of € 0.63, it can be received at the following price of € 0.567. There is also a 35% token sales discount for major investors (2 BTC or above 10 ETH). At the end of the ICO, all unsold tokens will be burned so that tokens purchased will not be damaged.

Besides all this information, ECB is a platform that runs multiple systems from within itself. Under the ECB, systems such as Cobalt, KYC (Customer Diagnosis) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) will start to work and a fully secure, systematic and stable platform is desired. Especially when the government does not want to contradict the taxation policies and is a platform that can integrate into the legal processes of the countries where it works, it can make the future bright. It may make a difference for the crypto markets that countries are avoiding because of tax regulations. As soon as Platform first started working in accordance with the legal order of France, England, and Italy, he will work to start the operation in all European countries. In the background of the ECB is a large project team of experts from all over Europe. This will have a positive impact on the success of the project and its adaptation to more than one country. It will also be easier to find support from these countries at the same time.


Bounty Program: bountyhive.io/join/European%20Crypto Bank

European Crypto Bank Website: www.europeancryptobank.io

ECB Twitter: https://twitter.com/EuropeanCryptoB




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