[ENG] Vinchain ( Blockchain in Your Vehicle!)


Crypto continues to emerge with our new projects as the money markets and the awareness of the blockchain increase. Blockchain will somehow shape the future of the world. I think the biggest mistake is to think of the bitcoin in this shield. The introduction of the Bitcoin blockchain mechanism is a huge paradise. I mentioned that today’s new project is that this blockchain and new projects will shape the world. Blockchain can be used in a banking activity, publishing process, social media applications, betting applications. There is one that is so wide that it can be written for days if we try to count it one by one.

I would like to introduce you to one of these projects today: VINCHAIN!

As I mentioned above, the blockchain technology has already begun to touch my life. Projects produced in the last 1–2 years have come to incredible levels and continue to progress. Vinchain comes to us to give us information about his car. The biggest problem Vinchain platform finds solution is related to buying and selling second hand vehicles. Would not it be awesome to find an easy way to find answers to such questions as if a second hand car had a problem, hesitant life, if there was a problem in the past, and there was a problem with the vehicle?

Vinchain has produced a project to solve this problem by mentioning that the missing and wrong information in the second hand market is bad for both buyer and seller. The platform aims to eliminate asymmetric information pollution in the second hand market by creating a decentralized, transparent, secure and secure vehicle registry. This platform will keep track of a vehicle constantly. When requested, reliable, transparent and decentralized information will be available. It is also worth noting that the vinchain platform can be extended to include yachts, construction materials and real estate in the future.

In order to obtain information about their vehicle, a platform owner will help the seller determine the true value of the vehicle on the second hand market, the seller will provide real information about the car he will pick up and create useful information for insurance companies.

When the system is fully operational, the information requested will be searched on the platform based on the VIN number blockchain of the vehicle and the information seeker will provide information on the date, VIN and vehicle usage status. Here the economic phase of the progeny comes into play here. The transaction costs of those who want to use the Vinchain system will always be paid with VinCoin.

Vinchain ICO is one of the best projects I’ve seen. I have mentioned many projects. While the survival of tokens without a solid project behind them depends on luck, tokens with a prospective project like Vinchain have a great chance for success. At the beginning of this project, which can be used in real life, the price of token sold with ICO was determined as $ 0.05.

Vinchain started as a PRE-ICO after a preliminary sale of 3 months. The sales process from March 22 to April 15, 2018 will be the last sales stage. You can use BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, Waves, Euro, USD, GBP to buy VINCoin during the sales that will start on March 22nd. Below you will find basic information about Vinchain token.

Total Tokens: 1 Billion
Number of Reserved Tokens: 87.5 Million (2 Years) — 12.5 Million (3 Months)
Number of tokens to be sold: 600 Million (The rest of the tokens are separated as Vinchain team, bounty and counselor)
Token Sale Price: 0,05 $
HardCap target: 34,5 M $

After completion of the sale of the Vinchain team, the project will use the collected funds to pass on the life and after a short period the operation of the Vinchain platform will be ensured.

The most important thing that caught your attention in the introduction of the project was the calculation for the token which can be evaluated with the project. The account made is very reasonable and convincing. According to this calculation, it is very possible to watch a VinCoin in 3 $ levels in a short time.

Let’s wait and see if Vinchain can be successful.

Website : https://vinchain.io/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/VINChain_io


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